Deerfield Music and Art Festival

Title: Deerfield Music and Art Festival
Location: Deerfield community at 4549 OLD POND DRIVE, PLANO, TEXAS 75024
Link out: Click here
Description: Enjoy wonderful Live Music including Jazz, Classical and Symphonic. Come one, come all! Bring a blanket and Picnic Basket! Artistic family outing. Plano Art Association artists work is on display/for sale in the Deerfield Clubhouse! Balloons and face painting for the kids. Enjoy wine & music under the stars!
Start Time: 6:00PM
Date: 2015-05-09
End Time: 10:00PM

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10th Anniversary 125 Show Awards Reception May 7


Mark Your Calendars for May 7 at THE ARTS gallery in Plano’s Collin County College Art gallery.

Don’t miss hearing which entries win top honors 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of the three categories.

Thank you to all who submitted artwork–we had hundreds of entries and the judges had a tough job narrowing it down to the final 65 for this year’s 125 Show.

Show Date – April 27th, 2015, through May 13th, 2015 

Dates to Know:

  • Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance into show ~ have been sent out
  • Delivery of artworks to Gallery ~ April 16th to 18st during college hours
  • Show opens on ~ April 27th
  • Reception & Awards presentation ~ May 7th from 5:30-7:30
  •        (Awards Announcement 6:30)
  • Show closes ~ May 17th
  • Art pick-up ~ May 19 through Wednesday, May 21


PAA reserves the right to reject any work not meeting eligibility requirements or deemed inappropriate to hang in the gallery, even after the image has been accepted by jurors and work delivered to the gallery.


  • Maximum frame size 50 x 50 inches in either dimension.
  • A diptych or triptych must be framed in single frame or ready to hang as a group, and meet the 50 inch maximum.
  • Sculpture must be no larger than 4 x 4 feet


  • All wall-hanging works must be wired with screw eyes or D-rings, ready to hang, with backing. The gallery is unable to hang works with sawtooth hangers.
  • Paintings with loose or damaged frames will not be accepted. Keep the frame simple and lightweight.
  • Canvasses with staples visible along the sides will not be accepted; these works must be framed.
  • The college has plinths available upon which to display three-dimensional works, and also a ceiling grid from which to hang works in the center of the space. Specific details can be discussed if accepted into the show.


This year’s accomplished judges are nationally recognized professional artists who will be sharing insights at our May 7 Award Reception!
WhitmarshMark Whitmarsh was born in Denver, Colorado, studied art at the University of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design in Denver. He has lived and painted in Dallas, Texas for over twenty years. “As I build layers of color, a personal iconography evolves on the painted surface. I’m interested in a surface that has a rich patina with a modern ancestry. By adding and subtracting layers, a genesis over time is revealed.” Working on paper or canvas and using mixed mediums such as oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, Mark is free to explore light, color and space. He creates a certain mood that he has seen or felt by the seemingly chance placement of shape and color relationships that excite the eye. “I enjoy discovery through painting…for me this is why I am an artist. My desire is to translate the discoveries in my work, in order to share with others. Painting for me is perfect self-expression.” Mark’s work has been featured in various publications including Art in America, Art Net Encyclopedia of Living Artists, the Dallas Observer and Southwest Art Magazine.

Art by Mark Whitmarsh

Artist  Carlyn Ray 

Carlyn Ray  was recently named as one of Dallas’ top 14 emerging artists and is featured in the current and prior issue of Patron Magazine for her participation in Artists Vs Architects. As an emerging hot glass artist and founder of Carlyn Ray designs, she opened her studio in the summer of 2013. As a former employee of Dale Chihuly, she was part of his team as they created such masterpieces as the unforgettable Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum.

Carlyn has created her own signature glass design called a glass “weave” where she uses canes of colored glass woven together with wire onto bended metal frames that she concepts to fit the client’s space. A growing presence in Dallas, she has been commissioned by both residential and commercial clients alike. Her client list includes restaurants such as Oak and Nobu who serves up sushi creations in Carlyn’s signature vessels. Her weaves also add energy to commercial real estate lobbies like Parmenter Realty who commissioned a glass weave lighting sculpture as part of an upgrade for their Rambler Park building. Ray’s designs have appeared in publications such as Patron Magazine, Best of American Glass Artists and Austin Home Magazine. She describes her approach to each commission as a “desire to create work which emits creative energy beyond the outline of the piece.  In knowing the nature of the environment for which the piece is being created, I am better able to conceptualize a piece which will speak and open a conversation with the viewer.”    She strongly believes in making the art and science of glass blowing available to inspire a new generation children through her “Art Reaching Out” (ARO) program, where she invites groups of children into the studio for educational classes.

Prior to founding Carlyn Ray Designs, she was artist in residence at Texas A&M University. Before A&M, she cruised Caribbean waters as narrator and gaffer for Celebrity Cruises’ Hot Glass Show for three years, spent two years with and for Dale Chihuly, and also served as teaching assistant at the Corning Glass Museum.

Carlyn Ray Design

 Categories and Awards

  • 2-D Artwork (Two-Dimensional Artworks)
  • 3-D Artworks (Three-Dimensional Artworks)
  • Printmaking, Photography (Traditional & Digital)

Each of which will be awarded a first ($300), second ($200) and third place award ($100)


PAA reserves the right to reject any work not meeting eligibility requirements or deemed inappropriate to hang in the gallery, even after the image has been accepted by jurors and work delivered to the gallery.


  • Maximum frame size 50 x 50 inches in either dimension.
  • A diptych or triptych must be framed in single frame or ready to hang as a group, and meet the 50 inch maximum.
  • Sculpture must be no larger than 4 x 4 feet


  • All sales from this show will be handled through the Plano Art Association. No commission is taken by THE ARTS gallery or the Plano Art Association; as a non-profit organization, the PAA does request a volunteer 15% donation in the event of a sale from the show. The artist is liable for arranging payment of sales tax.
  • As this is a 125-Show (and artists should live within 125 miles of Plano) most of the works will be local and can be delivered in person. However, if you need to make arrangements to mail works, please contact to make arrangements.
We are Looking forward to seeing you May 7!

Plano Art Association & THE ARTS gallery, Collin College

Chair Marilyn Franklin, Communications Consultant

Co-Chair Katrine Kyhnel,  Realtor

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PAA Announces Call for Entries: 10th Annual 125 Juried Show

As welogo_4 kick off the 10th annual 125 show this Spring, we are excited to announce the accomplished and talented judges for this year—2D painter Mark Whitmarsh, who is held in some of the most respected art collections in the Southwest, and 3D glass artist, Carlyn Ray, who is featured in the winter issue of Patron Magazine for her stunning work as one of Dallas’ 14 emerging artists in the recent Artist vs Architect show. Carlyn also worked on the Dallas Arboretum show as she spent two years working in the studio of Dale Chihuly as he was creating the pieces for that exhibit.

Please see the biographies for Mark and Carlyn to read more about these amazing artists who will be judging your work and attending our May 7 Awards Announcement reception.


Painting by Mark Whitmarsh


Glass weaving by Carlyn Ray







We also are pleased to announce the continuation of our collaboration with the Fine Arts department of Collin County College and the Plano Art Association. The students will co-host the reception and show in THE ARTS gallery which is located at the Spring Creek campus. Below you can find information about the show and how to submit your work:

  • All entries to be submitted through Art Café
  • Artwork is eligible if the artist lives within a 125 mile radius of Plano.
  • 65 pieces will be in the final selected 125 Show from hundreds of entries
  • Categories – submitted artwork must fit into one of the following categories:
    • 2D Artwork  (Two Dimensional Artworks)
    • 3D Artworks (Three Dimensional Artworks)
    • Printmaking, Photography (Traditional & Digital).Ineligible works: Works previously accepted into the 125 show Exhibition or THE ARTS gallery are not eligible. Works cannot be copies of another artist’s work (including photographs). Computer generated, photographic and offset-printed reproductions of original works are ineligible. PAA 125 Show Awards:  Best of Show, 1st, 2nd and 3rd on each category

Important Dates and Details:

Submitted art works must be originals completed within the last two years by the artist without active participation from an instructor.

    • All submissions must be done on Art Café – go to Art Café
    • If you need assistance, please use the “help” section of Art Café or email the PAA for assistance
    • Entries must be received by midnight on April 3rd , 2015
    • Judging is from April 5th to the 9th
    • -April 11th – Notifications to the artists selected
    • The 125 Show will run from April 27th to May 13th
    • The Reception date May 7th – best of show and other awards will be announced
    • Plans are to have the judges comment during the awards presentation
    • Art Pick Up – Thursday, May 14 through Saturday, May 16
    • If an instructor provided comments and the artwork was completed 100% by the artist, it is eligible, however if an instructor painted any aspect of the painting or provided heavy guidance – it is not eligible.

If you have any question just call or email and we are very much looking forward to working together on one of the biggest events of the PAA’s year!


Marilyn Franklin                                               Katrine Kyhnel

2015 PAA 125 Show Co-Chair                         2015 PAA 125 Show Co-Chair

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If how a door closes has anything to do with how the next door opens Talley Williams can write her own ticket.  Her exit exhibit at Plano Art Associations Gallery last weekend was all she ever wished for her city and the organization. The exhibt  which is still on view includes oversized galactic and spiritual topographies,  totems,mystical fragrances and other worldy leather conceptual art pieces Mrs. Williams  refers to as cloaks.

Talley commented that the audience in attendance was as faceted, layered and varied as the brilliance of a diamond something she has fought vehemently for over the past two + years.

The exhibit entitled, In The Beginning: I Woke Up Painting, was dedicated to her husband The Muse (David Williams). Flanked by her two Sun’s which she fondly refers to her adult children, Nicholas and Jordan, Mrs. Williams addressed a packed house of guests .









The crowd was an assemblage of what she believes is Plano’s most attractive asset. Guests of varied cultures, lifestyles, religions, income brackets and political views listened intently as Williams explained what many would refer to as miracle.” I was on my sofa one evening overwhelmed with hope for humanity. I passed out and had what is commonly referred to as an OBE(out of body experience). What you see in this room and the novella placed at the center of the room is the result of that experience. I woke up painting, sewing, designing ancient scents and designing garments, from the  other side.” Mrs. Williams closed the event with an admonishment to guest present,” Is the Creator still performing miracles…yes! Is it ever too late to begin again…..No! Our Creator is stioo creating and the possibiliti9es of what you can achieve is infinitesimal. Look around this room. Everything you see came to me in a vision or a dream, and with no prior experience I created it. Life is waiting for you to invite it to prove itself, prove The Creator through you.”

Always by her side Mr. Williams was quoted as saying, “She’s always been passionate about everything she does, and her talent knows no bounds. I’m just fortunate  I not only get to witness her process first hand; she’s my wife!”


On the heels of the  controversial vote on the LGBT community and the fact that the organization now boasts one of the most diverse art groups in the Metro Plex, Mrs. Williams echoed what she can always be  heard  saying,” Art is the new religion, galleries are the new church and people of all backgrounds make up the congregation, because Art Brings People Together!”

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Talley Williams Exit Show



In The Beginning: I Woke Up Painting

Artist Talley Williams

Features Her

Plano Art Association Exit Exhibit

January 17, 2015 5:00p-7:30p

Plano Art Association Gallery

1013 15th Place Ste 105 Eastside Village

Talley Williams is the current president of a suburban based non-profit organization. She has held that position  formally since May 2012, when Mrs. Williams hit the ground running chairing her first exhibit with the group six weeks later.  Mrs. Williams’s effort was well received by the community, and was featured by Dallas Morning News local edition of Plano’s Neighbors Go section. Mrs. Williams was quoted in the article as say.” Life is layered and multifaceted. Culture represents part of its layers, part of its facets. Each culture shines and contributes to its brilliance.”  When Talley Williams says this it is not for the camera. Her passion for diversity and culture is evident in the brand she has carved out for the organization which though a part of Plano’s landscape for 46+ years suffered from identity theft. The organization only recently received gallery space over the last year. But let’s not get ahead of the story hear. Talley Williams followed The Multicultural Exhibit which partners with Plano’s International Festival director Graciela Katzer. Both women understand the importance of cultural representation, fueling and shaping the next generation by generating dialogue in the community through their various organizations. Mrs. Katzer refers to Mrs. Williams as,”undeniably passionate and excellent at communicating ideas and reaching an audience.”

Talley Williams followed her efforts further by  increasing Plano Art Associations brand and awareness of the organization’s 150 + members with a second exhibit themed ”I AM”. Not one to shrink from controversy for ideas she is passionate about Mrs. Williams had no problem explaining to the organizations board that while the theme held a religious tone it also focused on the artists expressing their perspectives through the theme and by doing so would pull in its community and generate conversation around art and its ability to bring people together. Bringing people together is Mrs. Williams second greatest tool in bridging cultures and generating an appreciation of differences. With the help of V.P. David Williams and treasurer Belinda Williams, along with PAA artists who contribute their art and when able, time to the organization Mrs.Williams was able to present quite a few unprecedented exhibits for the City and its artists. Plano has been well represented through the organization as “a city of excellence” such ground breaking exhibits as,  CHANGE, COLLABORATIONS, SACRED SPACES OF MACHU PICCHU,PLANO’S FIRST BLACK HISTORY EXHIBIT,WHY I LOVE ART, PURPLE REIGN: CELEBRATING CANCER/AUTO IMMUNE AWARENESS, ANNUAL MEMBERS EXHIBITS, DEERFIELD MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL, POLITICALLY INCORRECT, AND PANORAMIC HOLIDAY. Talley Williams is often overheard sharing her concept of the organizations brand with her moniker for the group, Plano Art Association bringing a little SoHo to Plano. Mrs. Williams also believed one of the components that stagnates a group and a community is not recognizing all the forces and influences that drives it. It is for this reason she pushed the organization to include a sense of activism to art calls and exhibits.

Talley Williams “ The journey to bring change to our organization, establish brand and open dialogue concerning vital issues while using art as a platform has not been easy, but I will say it has been well worth. I believe Plano is beginning to recognize our presence, and through the efforts of phenomenal artists like, Dr. John Van Ness, Dr. Jayshree Bihari, Pouran Borders, David Blow, Kanyi Muraguri, Jordan Grimes and Patricia Baumann, Gregory Lavender, and Bobbie Dicking just to name a very few, we are able to represent a more well-rounded view of what Plano has in its artists. These as well as many of our other artists use various mediums, sculpture, photography, acrylic, mixed media, encaustic and yes even spoken word. I also believe they can trust our organization to represent its very diverse and eclectic community. While Plano is one of the number one suburban cities to live in we certainly want people interested in moving here to know that we are not one dimensional or out of touch with what’s going on in our community and around the world.”

Mrs. Williams casts an easy smile when asked about her own upcoming exhibit entitled “In the Beginning”, as she shares the intent behind her show.

“The very real truth about my work with Plano Art Association and my own exhibit is that they both are the result of a very real shift that has occurred in both my and my husband’s life , and I’ll add , in the lives of other artists. We are all a little worn and a little tired of focusing on all the issues and differences that separate, and divide us. We’re all either expressing or trying to find ways to reach out and bring people together. For years both my husband and I have felt that art is the very unusual platform that allows people to have conversations they otherwise would not have, with people they otherwise would not have met, over and about something  so universal… Art! What makes my story, my  journey a little different is , like Beyoncé’s song, “ I woke up like this!”  Four years ago  I literally passed out, and woke up with the ability to paint and communicate unifying ideas about humanity and culture on canvas, during that journey I have exhibited, developed a line of products, designed one of a kind leather cloaks, written a beside inspiration book and served the city of Plano through the Plano Art Association. I’d like to share what has happened to me, I’d like to share what happened “In the Beginning”. I have to do that with my husband by my side because he has both witnessed and photographed the entire process. My hope is that just like with the Plano Art Association people are changed , challenged or inspired to follow their dreams, to believe in something bigger than themselves…to have a new beginning.”

Talley Williams exhibit will be featured at Plano Art Association Gallery 1/17/15 – 2/7/15. Reception to be held at the Gallery Saturday 1/17/15 5:00P-7:30P

Plano Art Association is a non-profit organization that serves the artists of Plano and surrounding cities. Contact the organization online at

Or visit the gallery located at 1013 15the Place Suite 105/Eastside Village Apts. Plano TX. 75074



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Politically Incorrect

2014-10-11_16.40.56This show is a blast!  Come by and take in the atmosphere on Saturday, the 18th of October, from 5:00 o 7:30 PM.  Perhaps you’ll even find the next piece in your collection there.

The show is jurored by the producer of Indie Film Festival Adam Zamblowsky and Deputy City Manager of Plano LaShon Ross, who is also our keynote speaker. Enjoy our Wacky Menu, be there when we Announce Winners, and get in on some Audience Participation!

Join us!

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Plano Art Association Presents Ahmed Salam: ASISEEART July 12,4pm-7pm Plano Art Association Gallery

                     Plano Art Association Proudly Presents


                                                Ahmed Salama4


Ahmed Salam joined Plano Art Association in 2013.

He was First Place Winner for People’s Choice in our First Annual Black History Exhibit. It appeared doors had opened for him. His bold image of famed blues musician B. B. King won the hearts of attendees as one by one they cast their vote for BB, and Ahmed.bking

B. B. King’s broad smile and cobalt blue jacket added to the celebration of Black culture, the theme of the exhibit.

The reason Ahmed’s piece won first place can be seen in all his work. He has a passionate love of music, jazz, and culture. Ahmed communicates his passion through his bold use of color as well as the subjects within his pieces. He deliberately chooses musicians, and cultural scenes that convey a message.

The message is clear, ” I am here; I will be heard.”

How Ahmed found inspiration as an artist is as much a part of his art as the art itself.

He’d put his brush down for 25years, and through a profound gesture from his son, found the inspiration to pick it back up again…his story as well as his emergent solo exhibit is appropriately entitled:

The Journey


 Ahmed and his lovely wife Rica invite you to join them in his recount of that story and of his work.

Join them

Opening Reception Saturday           July 12, 2014 4pm-7pm

The Exhibit closes   Saturday          July 19, 2014


1013 15th Place suite 105 Plano Tx. 75074/Eastside

Village on the Downtown Dart Rail Station Platform!


Ahmeds work will be accompanied by the Soulful Sounds of  jazz artist

Rodney Bowens


View more of Ahmed’s work on his online at  Ahmed Salam and on facebook

I think you’ll like what you see.


Plano Art Association

Bringing A Little SoHo To Plano

Join Us!




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Thursday Night Portrait/Figure Drawing

Title: Thursday Night Portrait/Figure Drawing
Location: PAA Gallery 1013 15th Place Suite 105 Plano TX 75074
Link out: Click here
Description: This is an open art group for dedicated artist devoted to improving figurative and portrait skills
Start Date: 2014/7/3
Start Time: 7;00PM
End Date: 2015/7/3

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Plano Art Association Portrait/Figurative Meetings with Gene Dillard



PAA CLASS 3                PAA CLASS 1

Gene Dillard of Rail Station Studios offers an organic learning environment for artists interested in portraiture. Artists meet every Thursday 7:oopm-10:00pm. Space is available details and information can be obtained through Rail Station Studios Gene Dillard 214 403 9171




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125 Show 2014

Here is the link to submit entries to the 125 Show 2014.

125 Entries
Following the link will take you to more detailed information about the show.

If you’re not already familiar with the 125 guidelines, it’s pretty simple.
Any artist 18 and over residing within 125 miles of Plano is eligible to enter.
Categories are:
2D art
3D art
Photography (including digital) and printmaking
You can enter up to three pieces.
Artwork will be juried in.

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The Member Show Prospectus

It’s HERE!   The prospectus for the member show is now available.  The date for the reception will be announced in a bit, and added to the prospectus once it’s been settled.

It’s easy – pick your best piece that we haven’t seen before in a show.  Email a nice picture (JPEG) of it to us.  Bring it to the gallery on drop-off day.  Make sure you don’t forget to pick it up on pick-up day.  Enjoy the show!


We also now have a letter-size promotional poster for you to post at your work, school, religious institution, or libray, or that you may hand out to friends and family as an invitation. Thank you!


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New Permanent Address for Mail

Greetings, members and browsers alike!  As of TODAY, all mail needs to be addressed to the gallery.   The address is as follows:

Plano Art Association Gallery/Eastside Village

1013 15th Place Suite 105

Plano, TX 75074

This is how to find us:


View Larger Map

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PAA is proud to present our first Black History Exhibit

6a00e008dca1f08834015392b0ebe2970b-300wiAnti-slavery rebellion to political activist, from ragtime to rappers, Black people have contributed to some of America’s most piv0tal moments in history. Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and William Still were forerunners in the opening relay race to freedom RAGTIME Artsist Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Mortan and  Josephine Baker of the Harlem Renaissance were  SAINTS to America’s only national music JAZZ  whose acoustic contributions parallel  the compostitions of Mozart and Chopin.  BUSINESS  men and women like Madame C. J  Walker and Booker T. Washington, blazed the trail for Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan who set new models for branding and enterprise, Phyllis Wheatley sent word to Zora Neal Hurston, and Toni Morrison penned an open letter to President Barak Obama.  Romaere Bearden , Henry O Tanner and Jean Michael Basquiat have  passed the  artistic baton to the  Plano Art Association as it  Honors Black History with an open call to all artists!

In 1968 James Brown released the Soulful Anthem “Say it Loud; Im Black and I’m  proud!” to inspire  races  to acknowledge Blacks. He encouraged Blacks  to embrace and take pride in  their heritage and contributions to America.

Plano Art Association joins the chorus with its First Black History Exhibit! “Say it Loud . I’m Black and I’m Proud!”

This is an Open Art Call!

 Showcase what you love about Black  History!

 All work must  celebrate the contributions  Blacks have made to America’s  History regardless of artists ethnicity. Works are to  highlight past or present accomplishments.

Join or renew your Membership at the time of entry. Prospectus  will be provided and  filled out at drop off.

Two entries per person will be accepted.


 2D work must be framed or have otherwise finished edges. Works must be delivered ready to hang D- rings or eye screws and strong wire.

3D work must be fully stable and self supporting. Pedastal are limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis…Works deemed unsuitable for any reason will not be accepted.

Submit  high resolution JPEGS of your intended entries by February  6th , 2014 5pm  to


attn. Ruth Siddiqi/Talley Williams


For questions contact 

Ruth Siddiqi 214 708 0171 call or text

Talley Williams 214 929 0668

Drop off February 8th 2014 1pm-3pm @Plano Art Association Gallery in Eastside Village 

1013 15th place suite 105  Plano Texas 75074

 Reception February 16th 4pm- 6:30pm

Pick Up March 1, 2014 1pm-3pm

 “We  create  history as we create art.”  – Talley

You can pay your entry fees ahead of time right here:

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Dr. Ed Gilbert, “An Eagle’s Eye View of Sacred Spaces” December 14, 1-4 p.m.

Dr. Ed. Gilbert

Dr. Ed. Gilbert

Thanks to courageous men and women like Dr. Ed Gilbert, boundaries between religion, science, medicine, art, and alternative healing are being torn down like the wall of Berlin. The growing costs of medical care, increase in the need and use of prescriptive drugs along with pharmaceutical recalls all drive countless Americans to consider different approaches toward health.

Scientists across the globe are finding more connections between known and unknown heavens ; their findings included but are not limited to the fact dark matter holds the universe together and not lights and stars as once believed.  Likewise doctors are learning what shaman, gurus, priests and rabbis have promoted throughout the ages:  an undeniable fiber that binds us all together, and makes us one.

We are in fact: ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

The Plano Art Association joins in this emergent philosophy as it showcases alternative healing derived from the benefit of focusing on sacred spaces: The Bridge between art and healing.

Doctors, Ministers, Scientists, and Artists have come to agree; there is merit, and benefit to focusing on sacred landscapes and works of art.

Dr. Gilbert’s very cutting edge approach toward healing will be Plano Art Association’s holiday exhibit entitled, “An Eagle’s View of Sacred Spaces”. Through oncologist Ed Gilbert’s lens we’ll be given an intimate peek at wonders of the world and sacred spaces such as, Machu Picchu, Mount McKinley (Denali), and Zion National Park.  Dr. Gilbert who was given the moniker ,” The Eagle” by Plano Art Association president Talley Williams, for his expert shutter eye and access to high and  majestic, sacred spaces, will have his solo exhibit the first of three,  featured at the gallery during December.  These unparalleled images will be accompanied by Dr. Gilbert’s message that is art a form of alternative healing.

Dr. Gilbert’s background as an oncologist spans some 42plus years  practice. He has treated and facilitated healing of thousands of patients. It was in 2006 when his own diagnosis of cancer brought him face to face with the adage,” Physician, heal thyself”.  It was his own bout with cancer that lead Dr. Gilbert on the quest for a different healing. Armed with a camera and a notepad, he booked a flight to Machu Picchu. What he found there can be witnessed at the Plano Art Association Gallery. This renaissance healer’s effort does not end with photography. Dr. Gilbert has amassed not only an arsenal of majestic photography but includes poetry and music designed to place the brain in a state of beta waves. In this state the body sets its own healing mechanism in motion.

The reception will be held December 14th


1013 15th place suite 105

Eastside Village Apartments

Downtown Plano Dart Rail Platform

              Plano TX 75074                                                                                                                                                          

Plano Art Association is a non-profit organization funded in part by the city of Plano, and also by businesses, men and women who support its effort to promote multiculturalism and diverse approaches toward art. It has served the artists and members of Plano and surrounding cities for 47 years.  The organization’s president Talley Williams stands on the premise that art has the ability to bring differing cultures together to create a shift in consciousness and social/political awareness. Talley said, “I believe life is like a fractal or diamond. Each culture contributes to its brilliance and shine. Our hope is to both facilitate and be a part of that process.”

Lean more about the organization at

image not in exhibit

image not in exhibit

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Nov. 26 Demo-David Collins – Members Meeting

November Demo -  David Collins

November Demo –
David Collins

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