Our Monthly Meeting is the 4th Tues. of the Month. Remember to bring an art piece — a fresh one is good, one you are working on — in progress or finished. Artists are eligible for the Asel Art award for the monthly Art Share.  Art Share begins at 6:15 and the Demo/Artist is from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

For the demo, Gene will demonstrate painting a portrait from a live model. He will talk through the processes of achieving a likeness,
mixing colors, and techniques for capturing the character of the subject. 

for the monthly Members' Meeting

Hello PAA Members

Please join us on Tuesday,  

March 22nd at 7:00 pm

at the PAA Gallery

for the monthly Members' Meeting.

Saeed Rezaei will demo techniques
for casting a sculpture .

In his two hour workshop Saeed will show the process of making a sculpture model from clay, then he will show the process of mold making

from the model and finally he will demonstrate
casting the final sculpture.

He also will show the specific techniques of dying the mold with bronze or copper powder.

Saeed Rezaei Bio

Saeed Rezaei was born in 1957 in Esfahan, Iran. At age 19 in 1976 he moved to the United States and studied art in Miami-Dade College for two years and then Southern Illinois University for two more years. He also attended Video Production Institute of Dallas. He started his art career both in photography and oil painting in parallel at the same time.
In photography he was following the techniques of Ansel Adams
and in painting he followed the styles of the pioneers
of European impressionist painters.
His early career in the 80s consisted many solo and group exhibits of photography and paintings in Texas and California.

He moved back to Iran in 1990 and continued his art career passionately both in photography and painting. He also involved himself in designing and producing Persian Rugs. In 2002 he came back to America and made five documentary movies both in Persian and English which was broadcast in many international satellite channels. In 2008 he was encouraged to add sculpting to his art career. Since then he has sculpted tens of statues with the theme of ancient Persian art. The sculptures and carved stones of Persepolis palace in Iran which was built in Iran in
400 B.C. have greatly influenced his style of sculpting.  


February 23
Member Meeting